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Haiku is an ancient form of poetry that relies on a masterful economy of language to convey a distinct impression. At Haiku Editorial I strive for a sense of clarity in my clients’ writing. No edit is too small, no plot point insignificant. (While Basho and the other great haiku writers could spend an entire lifetime pondering a single syllable, I work at a more modern pace.)

Being a solo endeavor, however, I must choose my clients and projects carefully. I select works that provide the most aesthetic promise and collaboration partners who understand the rigors and demands of literary pursuits.

My areas of focus for both ghostwriting and editing are nonfiction and memoirs and fiction that is literary in style or contains elements of mystery, neo-noir, high-concept sci-fi, or which is comprised of interconnected short stories


This service is primarily for previously reviewed work in its latter stages of development or close to publication date. The service includes grammar, spelling and punctuation check, as well as suggestions for clarity and meaning when necessary. Generally performed at a pace of 10-20 pages per hour, depending on the quality of the text.

45 € per hour + VAT

Thorough analysis of texts of all lengths. This service is best for text that has not previously been reviewed by a native English speaker. Includes substantial line-by-line editing, suggestions for clarity, and complete grammar, spelling and punctuation check. Suitable for works of all genres and styles. Generally performed at a pace of 3-10 pages per hour.

50 € per hour + VAT


Conceptual and structural development of long-form texts, such as literary works, scientific articles, theses, academic papers, website and blog content, brochures, and more. This service does not include much line editing but instead aims to nail down the work’s central idea or narrative arc, as well as tone, voice, style and otherwise.

65 € per hour + VAT

Editing and review of manuscripts of most genres: non-fiction, literary, academic, scientific, etc. This service is for works in their latter stages of development and thus require either proofreading or light copyediting. A minimum of two weeks is preferred for works of 50,000 words or longer, but rush options are possible.

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I will write your book for you: If you would like to serve as “producer,” or if you simply feel that you do not have the skills, time, or energy to see a full-length novel through to completion, I will serve as the ghostwriter. My specialties are literary fiction, speculative fiction, and certain forms of science fiction (depending on setting, context, and supporting materials). I work in any length, from short stories to epic novels (100,000+ words).

There are ethical considerations to ponder, such as whether you, as producer-client, want to be credited as author; in that case, a non-disclosure agreement is usually required. Some clients prefer to approach the project as a financial investment, in which case I will either receive a lump-sum payment, royalties, or a combination of both. NOTE: Unless a publishing contract has already been signed and agreed-upon, I almost always opt for a lump-sum payment.

I am also able to assist with the agent querying process and letter-writing, which is an art form unto itself. Do not take this step lightly!

The first draft of a full length novel (70,000-80,000 words) can be written in as little as four to six weeks. Longer, more complicated works require more development and an expanded time-frame. For this price level, the manuscript is drafted in rough form, with minimal editing and revision.

Starting at 1,600 euros / 1,700 USD

This takes the above a step further and requires a time frame of at least two months, but preferably three or more. It includes a full revision of the text, including fine-tuning of plot mechanisms, character arcs, and language, as well as scene additions, cuts, expansions, and otherwise.

Starting at 2,100 euros / 2,200 USD

This involves a full edit of the second draft and a third revision. It also includes a third-party critique, prior to the third draft, which accounts for 300-500 euros (315-525 USD) of the price (I outsource this step and earn nothing from the critique except valuable feedback to facilitate in the process).

Starting at 3,300 euros / 3,500 USD

A snapshot of the books Haiku Editorial has had the pleasure of working on since the company’s inception.

Your Editor and Author

Christopher X. Ryan received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maine and his Master of Fine Arts degree from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. His stories, essays, and poems have been published in literary magazines and on various websites, and he has published a book of poetry, The Bible of Animal Feet.

He is passionate about every facet of language and every stage of its evolution, from conception to development to publishing. He is more than simply an editor: he is a wordsmith, but a humble one, always seeking to bring clarity and life to language while simultaneously testing its limits.

Chris hails from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the northeastern coast of the United States. He has lived in Helsinki since 2009. When not editing others’ writing, he is creating his own, walking his dog Oscar or enjoying fine vegan food with his wife Raisa.