A writer who edits.

An editor who writes.

Why hire an editor unfamiliar with the emotional toil of the publishing process, not to mention the ins and outs of successful fiction?

I write because I love unfolding the hidden narrative of everyday events. I edit because I love helping others reveal that narrative and to bring the story forth. To me they are inseparable.
An editor who him- or herself writes and who submits their work for publishing understands the commitment, psychological pitfalls, and thrill of success inherent to the process.
An editor who doesn’t write is merely a technician, as indifferent and removed from the outcome as an AI program.
The difference is passion. I am enthralled by all forms of literature, be it novelistic, literary, academic, marketing, or even the most basic informational texts. 
Why trust your work with someone whose vested interest is mere payment?

Published & Acknowledged

In 2019 alone I’ve had 12 stories published, and I earned second place in the Baltimore Review Winter Contest. In previous years my essays, poems, and stories have appeared in a wide variety of journals. While at Naropa University, I was awarded the Berrigan Award for excellence in writing. I’ve placed in a number of other contests.
All this is to say, I know my way around a good story. And I’m just getting started.

Also About Me

I’m more than just a writer, however. In my spare time I am the director of the local chapter of a global ocean conservation group. I participate in and support animal rights activism and am a staunch environmentalist. 
Over the years I’ve participated in a wide range of endurance sports, including a full through-hike of the Appalachian Trail and a dual cross-country bike trip from Massachusetts to Oregon and back. Most of my crazy adventures are behind me, however: now it’s all about the book.
I now split my time between New England and Scandinavia, and am married to a Finn, Raisa Kettunen.
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Novels Forthcoming

My novels THE NORTHLAND and BOGORE are under representation by a reputable European literary agency. Hopefully, a deal will be forthcoming in 2019.

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Stories All things fiction

I am a prolific author of stories short and long. One story recently won second place in a literary magazine's fiction contest, and more stories are forthcoming in journals and magazines.

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Ghostwriting A thankless role

I have written some 10 works for other "authors" who prefer to serve as producers rather than writers.

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