Free infographic: The Elements of Tension

Tension and conflict are crucial for any compelling narrative. With this infographic I seek to convey some of the key elements that you’ll need to integrate into your story, be it fiction, non-fiction, memoir, or any other long work utilizing a traditional narrative arc.

Feel free to download and share. Click here for a JPG version and here for a PDF.

Haiku Editorial's Mission

Haiku is an ancient form of poetry that relies on a masterful economy of language to convey a distinct impression. At Haiku Editorial I strive for a sense of clarity in my clients’ writing. No edit is too small, no plot point insignificant. (While Basho and other haiku masters could spend an entire lifetime pondering a single syllable, I work at a more modern pace.)

Being a solo endeavor, however, I must choose my clients and projects carefully. I select works that provide the most aesthetic promise and prefer collaborative partners who understand the rigors and demands of literary pursuits.



In copyediting I do a thorough review for spelling, word usage, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and tense, and it may include edits for continuity, sentence structure, paragraph and chapter lengths. It is not to be confused with proofreading, which is reserved for texts that have already been professionally edited, nor is it substantive editing, which is for fresher, unpolished works.

55 € per hour + VAT


This is a substantive, thorough revision of text that has not previously been reviewed by a native English speaker. Includes line-by-line editing for clarity, grammar, idiomaticity, and linguistic flow. Suitable for works of all genres and styles. In this stage, the work is polished but not yet ready for submission or publishing. Generally performed at a pace of 3-10 pages per hour.

65 € per hour + VAT


This service focuses on the conceptual and structural development of long-form texts such as novels, nonfiction, memoirs, theses, stories, etc. It does not include much line editing but instead aims to nail down the work’s central idea, narrative arc, and informational flow, as well as tone, voice, style and other key literary elements.

75 € per hour + VAT

Your Editor

Christopher Ryan received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maine and his Master of Fine Arts degree from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. His stories, essays, and poems have been published in literary magazines and on various websites, and he has published a book of poetry, The Bible of Animal Feet.

He is passionate about every facet of language and every stage of its evolution, from conception to development to publishing. He is more than simply an editor: he is a wordsmith, but a humble one, always seeking to bring clarity and life to language while simultaneously testing its limits.

Chris hails from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the northeastern coast of the United States. He has lived in Helsinki since 2009. When not editing others’ writing, he is creating his own or is running, cycling, lifting weights, or enjoying fine vegetarian food with his wife, Raisa.

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